New Funding Rounds: Iconium, GoodDollar and BitFury

17 Dec , 2018 News

New Funding Rounds: Iconium, GoodDollar and BitFury

Blockchain-related projects Bitfury, GoodDollar and Iconium announced new funding rounds in the period from November 05 to 11, 2018.

Bitfury is a full-service Blockchain technology company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the blockchain ecosystem. The company develops and delivers both hardware and software solutions for governments, businesses, organizations and individuals to enable secure asset movement across the blockchain. Bitfury announced the completion of Series C venture fundraising on November 06. The total sum raised is $80 million. Macquire Capital, Korelya Capital, Galaxy Digital LP and Dentsu are investors.

GoodDollar is a global, open-source cryptocurrency needed for money distribution based on the principles of universal basic income (UBI). The company behind this crypto experiments with a series of tests to reduce wealth inequality with the help of blockchain technology. The company announced a $1 million funding completion on November 08. eToro is an investor.

Iconium is the first Italian company dedicated to blockchain projects, token sales, ICOs and STOs; a team is dedicated to the identification, selection and validation of the best projects and opportunities in the world. Iconium announced a completion of $5.7 million seed funding on November 07. The investors names are unavailable for the moment.

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