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Our Vision

Digital Assets will become the core of a new mon­e­tary ar­chi­tec­ture reshaping the current financial system to make it permissionless and accessible to anyone in the World. Blockchain will change the way we transfer value in any industry by developing a World where people get to participate in the value they create.

Digital Assets

Digital is increasingly present in our lives and this means that our future will be filled with digital assets ranging from money itself to any other type of asset we can imagine. Goods will be digitally represented by a token from real estate to gold bullion or for instance, to a portion of a Picasso painting. This is just an example of how you could tokenize physical goods and make them similar to those tradable assets that we have today.

The Industry

Blockchain technology enables a decentralized globalized market where buyers and sellers directly execute transactions, in real time, through different assets, without intermediary platforms.
The Internet of Value represents the vision for which value will be transferred as quickly as information.


Digital assets and blockchain are set to break the monopoly on finance and on internet. With Bitcoin, we are experiencing a complete paradigm shift in finance, economics, and how money works while Ethereum is creating the base layer for a new financial and industrial infrastructure. This asset class is one of the rare asymmetric bets that anyone can be a part of.



The Team

Fabio Pezzotti

Founder & CEO

Graduated in Business Administration at the Bocconi University. He worked until 1997 between Paris and London, as management consultant. In 1998 he founded Webnext S.p.a. and Xoom.it, the largest Italian web community, until they were acquired by Seat in 2001, generating a 30x investment. In 2005 he founded Mobango in London, finanziated by VC Dougthy Hanson. Mobango merges in 2010 with People infocom (Sequoia, Intel). He co-founded Chupamobile in London in 2012 and invested in various startups. Investor in cryptocurrencies and ICO since 2016.

Luciano Serra

Co-Founder & Board Member

Graduated in Electronic Engineering at Sapienza Univ., MBA Bocconi, with 25 years of experience. Consultant with Andersen Consulting and Bain. In 2002 he joined the Telecom Italia group, first as Business Development Director of Sogei, then M.D. of Sogei Innovative and Technological Services, and then Director of e-health Division. Since 2008 he has been an entrepreneur and founder/advisor of several startups in Fintech, ICT/Innovation, Renewable Energies.

Mauro Del Rio

Co-Founder & Advisor

A graduate in engineering from the University of Bologna, he was the founder of Buongiorno, the multinational mobile service company listed on the Milan stock exchange in 2003 and sold to Docomo for $ 300 million in 2012.
He was a seed investor in numerous tech initiatives, from Supermercato24 to Empatica, passing by Next14. In addition, together with the 6 partners he re-founded the Parma soccer team, currently in Serie A.

Davide Baldi

Co-Founder & Advisor

Davide Baldi, from Lugano, Switzerland. Serial entrepreneur, specialized in creating corporate networks, owner of companies in various sectors, including projects in the Blockchain field, Real Estate operations, Marketing and Management Consulting.Co-Founder at One4.eu, One4-ti.ch, Swiss4living.com, Comedil.ch, Luxochain.io and Icobooster.io.
Advisor at Eidoo.io, Xriba.com, Ubiatarplay.io, Noku.io, Skillchain.io.


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