ICONIUM strengthens with the entry of Mauro Del Rio

6 May , 2019 News

ICONIUM strengthens with the entry of Mauro Del Rio

ICONIUM SpA, the first Fintech company in Italy dedicated to projects related to crypto-currencies, tokens and digital assets based on Blockchain, announces the entry of Mauro Del Rio, Chairman of Docomo Digital Ltd and founder of Buongiorno, as investor, advisor and member of the Projects Selection Committee.

In February 2019 ICONIUM approved a capital increase addressed to professional investors, HNWI and family office, and intends to create a portfolio of blockchain projects of global relevance in the next three years. The entry of Mauro Del Rio as investor and partner demonstrates the validity of the ICONIUM Blockchain Ventures project.
Founded in 2018, ICONIUM is an innovative startup that invests in the development of the financial and industrial ecosystem based on Blockchain, through investments in cryptocurrencies, tokens and digital assets in projects with the highest potential throughout the world, with the aim of creating a global and diversified portfolio in the most revolutionary industry since the birth of the Internet.

Del Rio said: “The parallel between the advent of the commercial internet at the end of the last century and the ongoing development of the crypto ecosystem to me appears impressive, with its charge of change and revolution. With some important differences: the blockchain is more ramified and complex than the previous digital protocols; and develops when the internet already exists, with its ability to spread ideas and services almost instantaneously; for these two reasons the blockchain technological revolution has the potential to be even more massive and rapid than the one that has developed over the last two decades to create Google, Facebook, Amazon, TenCent, Alibaba and the other current rulers of the world and world stock exchanges. In these situations of great potential but also volatility, entry time is essential; after observing the evolution of the industry since its birth, I felt that now is the time when the greatest risk is that of not being involved ”.

Founder of Buongiorno in 1999 – the multinational mobile service company listed on the Milan stock exchange in 2003 and sold to Docomo for $ 300 million in 2012 – Mauro Del Rio has in fact followed the technological evolution of the crypto ecosystem from the beginning and was seed investor in numerous tech initiatives, from Supermercato24 to Empatica, passing by Next14. In addition, in 2015, with 6 local business partners (including Guido Barilla, Giampaolo Dallara and Paolo Pizzarotti) he re-founded the Parma soccer team, currently in Serie A.
With Iconium Del Rio will provide the international network developed with Buongiorno first and with Docomo later. Buongiorno had a large part of turnover and of people abroad, from Delhi to San Francisco. Docomo is the largest and most innovative Japanese Telco. Mauro will actively participate in the process of identifying, selecting and monitoring the crypto projects that Iconium intends to participate in.

Founder, CEO and President of ICONIUM is Fabio Pezzotti, digital entrepreneur for over 20 years: before devoting himself actively to the blockchain world and to projects related to crypto-currencies and digital assets, he was creator of Webnext S.p.a. and Xoom.it (1999), founder, among others, of companies like Mobango and Xandas Ventures, as well as seed investor in various tech initiatives such as Vertical Response, inc (San Francisco) and Cibando.

“The arrival of Mauro Del Rio as a partner and investor of the startup is for us a great recognition and a further validation of our model and of the direction we have undertaken”, declares Fabio Pezzotti, CEO and Founder of ICONIUM.
That of the blockchain is a revolutionary industry that will radically change companies and markets: according to some scholars and investors the blockchain market will be worth 5 trillion dollars within 5 years, but at the moment it is still difficult to analyze and select projects: ICONIUM carries out the role of ‘ferryman’ and – thanks to a team of professionals with twenty years’ experience – identifies the best opportunities linked both to projects being launched and to those already listed but undergoing strong growth. In 2018 alone, thanks also to partnerships with investors and crypto-VCs, the Iconium team analyzed and monitored around 200 projects ”, also thanks to the proprietary software created in the last year. The company has already established international partnerships with major vertical players active in the blockchain market to build a qualified proprietary deal flow. These partnerships will allow Iconium to participate in the most interesting tokensale projects at advantageous conditions.

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