MetaMask And The Fight For The Crypto Wallet Throne In The Web3 Arena

4 Mar , 2022 News

Introduction In discovering what the new, permissionless and trustless web – aka Web3 – has to offer, there’s only one thing you can’t do without: a self-custodial wallet. Those who have already ventured into this world will surely have already heard of MetaMask, the game-changer which has been able to establish itself not only as a leader, […]

LooksRare – A Vampire Attack to $13b OpenSea NFT Marketplace

20 Jan , 2022 News

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What is LooksRare? Just one week ago OpenSea seemed unchallengeable and was absolutely dominating the NFTs marketplace arena. But last week things took an unexpected turn with the LooksRare launch: the numbers speak for themselves. The new decentralized marketplace for Ethereum NFTs launched on January 10th with a token airdrop ($LOOKS) and generated nearly $400 million in sales […]

Year in Review Part 2 – Where did VC money go in 2021 and what’s next?

20 Jan , 2022 News

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Remember the time when the crypto industry used to be considered a niche sector? Well, that time has passed. 2021: a record-breaking year In 2021 VC firms invested over $33 billions into crypto/blockchain startups, exceeding all previous years’ investments in a single year and setting a new astonishing record. Just think that investments of Q4 […]